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Light cavalry captain, prices details. Example 5th hussar

  1. For price quote, contact us

    3 to 6 months' delivery time

Copy of a complete uniform from Empéri's museum.
We changed some things as letters on ammunition pouch, we choose to replace them by an eagle which was more usual during empire. Lion buckles are also replaced by gorgonas, often used by officers.
We also added a "bonnet de police" and a pelisse.

Fabrics, buttons and braid colours do not change price.
So prices of different part of uniform follow with some constant precisions:
Braid to indicate rank are bordered with a thin braid.
Fur is sheep fur, if you want a more expensive one...you have to pay the difference.
We don't make special boots for hussar, but we give you addresses of people who make them as it must be, with 18 pleats, at your size

Dolman with thin additive braids:1310 €.
Pelisse with cord for junction:1470 €.
Waistcoat, red with 3 ranks of buttons: 545 €.

Culotte hongroise for captain in melton: 517 €
or Charivari(trousers):567 €
Sash (simplified type as described on our website): 289 €.
or with real cylinders: 320 €

Bonnet de police for captain of hussar: 187 €.
Shako with plume (except aigrette) and golden chinscales (embroidered or in brass with laurels) : 780 €.
Colback in goat or sheep fur with cord, plume (except aigrette) and pompon: 670 €
Same in bear fur(if on stock!): 1070 €
Fatigue cap: 187 €

Ammunition pouch:620 €.
Belt for sabre with eagles:550 €.
Sabretache embroidered with eagle, laurel and oaks leaves: 590 €.
Sabre with blue and gold blade for hussar officer: 263 €
Swordknot: 83 €

Collar (white and/or black): 23 €.
White gloves: 45 €.
Shirt: 32 €
Straps: 15 €


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