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Maitre d'equipage de marin de la garde: full dress

  1. 1 910,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


We recreated especially the special braid to make this uniform and also its very specific buttons for one of our canadian customers. We are happy to give life again to such a uniform.
Dolman: 1070 €
Trousers: 517 €
"bonnet de police": 187 €

The buttons are slightly rounded, they are stamped with the imperial eagle. The braid on the dolman is in fact a triple "soutache" specialy recreated on an old weaving loom, the gold and crimson squared cord has also been recreated specially for us.... and our canadian customer who might be the first one to wear this outfit in a long time (2 centuries!)

Marins de la garde, nicknamed: "les hussards de la marine", were dressed in outfits almost identical to those hussars.
On the other hand, they wore brass scaled epaulettes and a very particular typed sabre engraved by the mention "imperial guard". Marins de la garde especially fought on the ground, because of Trafalgar...