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Napoleon's crowning cloak, collar, dress.

  1. 39 000,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Most gorgeous testimony of the Empire! Best copy ever made (that's truth).
Price includes: cloak, collar, dress, satin belt.
Not included in price: regalias: sceptre and justice hand, shoes, Légion d'honneur collar, laurel crown, sword and SHIPPING COST.
Indicated price is taxes included, if you are a company from EEC with an intracomm number, or if you live out of EEC, you can pay without VAT(so 16.66 % less)

Pictures were made in Fontainebleau and in a re creation of the coronation, in Boulogne sur Mer cathedral.

The Emperor's cloak was recreated from preliminary works we received and from paintings by David, Ingres, etc. The embroidery was hand-made, with golden thread on red velvet, only the "N" are made of silver thread. It is lined with flecked white fur (it's fake fur, but of a great quality), black fur is real one.