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Pelisse of Lefebvre Desnouettes, "colonel major des chasseurs a cheval de la garde"

  1. For price quote, contact us

    12 to 16' delivery time

We made different types with different furs.

Grey fox was sometimes used by officers of chasseur à cheval de la garde.
White fox is the type used by Lefevre Desnouettes.

Indicated prices are those corresponding exactly to pictures:
The white one has no extra braid around "large" braid.
The grey one have them.
Both are delivered with the cord to join dolman and pelisse.
We need at least 2 foxes to make such a pelisse and price is almost 400 € each, when we find them, this explains mainly the price.
We need 2 to 4 months to make, at your size, one pelisse at the moment (october 2014)