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Rare Del Prado mini helmets (25), with plates by Lordeyin painted lead, sold together

  1. 350,00 €

    Out of stock

Made by Del Prado, in painted lead.
You know usual quality of their productions

All are protected by their original blisters, 4 blisters are damaged.
All helmets are in good condition, but even with our best protections, some small parts could go away from helmets during shipping, as it happens sometimes with painted soldiers.
We will not accept any claim in the matter...except oif your parcel is damaged, of course.
Sold with 25 plates made especially by Lordey - 21 X 29 ,7 cm.
Heigth of helmets: 7 to 9 cm.
Usual shipping cost not available, maybe, depending of destination.

List of helmets as inscripted on basis
Kurassiere öst 1804-15
Life guards UK 1814-15
Dragon FRA 1808-15
Gunner, RHA UK 1812-15
Brandeburgisches kürassier, Preu 1813
Garde du corps, Preu 1809-15
Unteroffizier chev leg BAY 1809
Cuirassier France 1807
23 rd light dragoons UK 1809
Carabiniers France 1810
Dragons de l'Impératrice France 1812
Offizier chev leg öst 1798-1805
Chev leg lanciers FRA 1812-14
NCO chevalier garde RUS 1803-08
Dragoon guard UK 1815
Sapeur du génie FR 1810-14
Coraceros espanoles ESP 1810-11
Trooper life guard dragoons RUS 1813
Reg cavaleria No 8 Por 1808-14
Dragoni Napoleone ITA 1811
Dragoni guardia reale ITA 1812
Horse guard UK 1813
Cuirassiers RUS 1810 -14
Karabiniers No 2 NED 1815
Reg Numancia Esp 1810-13