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Sabre for infantry officer, Empire.

  1. New

    240,00 €

    2 to 4 weeks' delivery time


Copy of a genuine one that we had on stock. Nice blue and gold blade. GOOD WOODEN GRIP.
Flexible blade, very light, sabre weight is less than 600 grammes without scabbard.
We especially worked on sabre weight, this is a point which makes usually the difference between genuine pieces and copies.
Engravings are similar with original, nice copy of a plain but typical weapon.

Total length 88 cm, blade 73 cm. Less than 1 kg with scabbard

Engravings on blade are not deep, as on genuine sabres, this is the kind of detail that makes also the difference!

Now we pay not only in proportion of weight, but also of volume.
So shipping cost is, most of the time, much more higher than 45 € automatically added at the end of your order.
Please ask us, to know the real shipping cost that you have to pay, before you pay.
Orders that will not respect this information can be cancelled.