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Sabre for officier subalterne de chasseur a cheval de la garde. See our new sabre for officer, more beautiful!

  1. 270,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


We worked about 2 years to obtain blue and gold colour as 2 centuries ago on this french Officer Subalterne Saber.
This sabre equipped officers of imperial guard, especially the "chasseur à cheval de la garde" who had to follow the Emperor and protect him in all situations.
It explains why this sabre is so prestigious.
Have a look to fine details on scabbard: eagle, spider net...See engravings on blade.

We realised dyes from a genuine french Officer Subalterne Saber of the chasseur à cheval of the Imperial guard.
Described pages 106 and 107 of book: "Les trésors de l'Empéri".
Length: 103 cm, blade 86 cm.
Weight with scabbard: 1850 gr, without: 959 gr.
This copy is probably at the moment one of the nicest napoleonic sabre made in series.
A genuine one costs more than 30 000 €.