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Sabre, light cavalry officer 1st Empire

  1. 790,00 €


More than 200 years old, so it can be "tired".
But good piece for collection.

Leather has lost part of his brass torsades, blade is a bit grey and there is a beginning of hole at the end of scabbard on one face, but we like it like this, nobody modified it and his weight is a testimony of the conception of such sabres: 1,3 kg with scabbard! Total length 103 cm, blade 84 cm.

Caution: real SHIPPING COSTS for these sabres are quite more expensive than our fixed shipping prices.
You can order it with no additive cost from countries bordering France. For other countries ask us, shipping cost for USA and Canada is for instance around 91 € and usual fixed price is 45 €, so you have to pay 46 € more. Use this link to pay,
We cannot know all foreign regulations, before you order any sabre or sword, please inform you about the regulation in your country. We won't accept any claim if you have problems with importation, and we will keep payment of shipping in any case because we pay it as anybody.