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Train d'artillerie de la garde. BLUE AND GOLD BLADE. Napoleonic sabre for officer. Delivery august. CAUTION, different of pictures!

  1. 279,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Our supplier is also in containment!
This future sabre was planned to be delivered in april. It will be quite later, due to covid containments.
Many customers asked us to reserve one. Finally we allow them to order it from now.
Main differEnces will be on guard:
Round pommel with beading.
Global more elegant aspect.
Junction with main branch and pommel with delicate engravings.

Brass scabbard with superb decorations. Specific sabre attributed to train d'artillerie of "Garde Impériale". This very mobile unit was used to help line artillry in most of battles. TRAIN DE LA GARDE supplied ARTILLERY DE LA GARDE in powder and bullets.

Recently, our shipper changed the way to calculate shipping cost to countries out of EEC.
Now we pay not only in proportion of weight, but also of volume.
So shipping cost is, most of the time, much more higher than 45 € automatically added at the end of your order.
You must now ask us, to know the real shipping cost that you have to pay, before you pay.
Orders that will not respect this information can be cancelled..

Blade not made for fencing!