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Transformation option for the shirt Morgane in Empire style

  1. 1,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


Alright, it's not right to sale that kind of shirt for re-enactment but the shirt Morgane is made of a thin and fine fabric that takes very little space underneath the outfit.
What's more, the part that you can see (the collar) has the right cut.
So as long as you don't remove the jacket or the vest everything is alright.
And usually you don't take off your clothes on a battlefield (or during a ball).
At the bivouac you can put on an overall, much thicker.

1 € is the price of lace that we add to transform the shirt....but you have to order the shirt:
You won't have the shirt, transformed, for 1 €, even for Christmas!