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Trousers for light cavalry officers with peaks.

  1. From 335,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


For light cavalry for instance...but not only.
You can choose to add small braid along peaks and sides, and rank.

We can even do more complicated addition of small braids, as us for price.
We can help you for choice of colour of braid and melton in accordance to regulation.

Trousers at that time were worn very wide on the bottom (see the reproduction of a contemporary etching), giving a "baggy" aspect. Our famous ancestors were not wearing nappies but they were riding horses. This particular cut is meant to give some ease when one must bend his legs to get on a horse. Therefore, a slinky pair of trousers was not in the spirit of the fabrications of the 1st Empire and our creations reproduce this particularity.
Warning : All these trousers must be worn with braces and are quite form-hugging.
It means that if you try to wear those "baggy style" like surfers or skaters, you're sure to tore the crutch appart. The crutch must be placed just under your genitals (gentlemen) and not 20cm bellow!
The trousers are placed very high, coming just under the low ribs, it's logical if you consider the lengh of a dolman or a vest. (At that time they werer not longer than a bolero). With a modern pair of trousers we would see some space between the bottom of the jacket and the top of the trousers.