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Uniform of general Lasalle in Stettin

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Gorgeous jacket with many additive braid on sleeves, embroideries...

Lasalle was a great caracter of the cavalry under the Empire, his death was felt as a huge loss by the Emperor who planned to give him the "marechalat", despite his frequent escapades. His destiny didn't allow him to get this dedication. His interventions often changed the course of battles, after a lost battle, Napoléon said he would have needed a Lasalle on this very day.

Peerless cavalier, his nickname was "the Centaur". We howe him the creation of songs like "Fanchon". He was killed by a bullet right in his forehead, during an heroic charge in Wagram, in 1809. One of his most famous quote was : "Tout hussard qui n'est pas mort à 30 ans est un Jean foutre" (Any hussar who isn't dead by 30 years old is a layabout", he died at 34...

He also wrote to his wife : "Mon coeur est à toi, mon sang à l'Empereur et ma vie à l'honneur". ("My heart belongs to you, my blood to the emperor and my life to the honnor")