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Vienna uniform of François 1st, Austrian Emperor

  1. 9 595,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Last pictures are from Vienna museum of Habsburg treasure.
We worked on this pictures and different paintings.
Buttons are "only" 100 years old.
Golden Fleece is not included in price, we cannot have the same.
Austrian Iron Crown is included in price, but we did not sew it because our customer will use this jacket for Rueil Malmaison re enactment, and before end of 1st French Empire, this decoration did not exist!

Price includes:

Embroidered jacket with 4 decorations: 7320
Hat with plume: 936
We saw this uniform with different plumes, one white, but also one that seemed to be black, but could also be (very) dark green.
Of course we could also do it in these colours.
Trousers: 282
Grand cordon red and white without jewel: 169