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Belt for general or field marshall, First Empire, France

  1. From 720,00 €


"Gold embroideries", except stars and centre of thunders, on melton.
Melton wraps a thick leather to make it strong.
Blue melton for general de brigade, red for général de division and marshalls

Price is for a belt with straps for sabre or sword.
You have to precise what weapon holder you want, for sword or sabre...or order 2 belts

CAUTION: BUCKLES TO SUSPEND STRAPS are now with gorgonas on 2 edges as on picture AND SWORD HOLDER HAS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT EMBROIDERIES...MORE HISTORICAL, AND NICER, we will make new pictures later.

The sword is a genuine one for general, not for sale.

Last pictures show how to attach straps to sabre.
First: pass small straps with no embroideries inside scabbard rings, and close it with buckle.
Then you can pass long straps trough buckles.
If you want to take off your sabre, leave buckles on it.

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