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Bicorn 1 st third of 19 th century with Napoleonic officer cockade.

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    1 200,00 €

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This hat and the cockade were initially inside C Colmont collection.
A friend of him bought it to him and sold it to me some years later.
The hat looks like some "demi solde" hats, but style could be more recent.
Anyway demi solde were demi solde sometimes for a long time, till 1830.
We add to this hat a pure and rare napoleonic officer cockade, 10 cm large, showing right succesion of colours only typical of Napoleonic period: blue, red, silver.
We offer no guarantee concerning excat period of production of this hat, between 1815 and 1830.
Felt is now very stiff and quite unusable to wear it, some parts are teared where it is folded, bottom of back is sewed on 11 cm.
Please look precisely pictures. If you have any doubt, don't buy it!
Maybe you can make a very good deal or just buy some 2 rares pieces.