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Emperor uniform: colonel de chasseur a cheval de la garde, complete with boots and sword.

  1. From 2 906,00 €

    8 to 12' delivery time


We did this uniform many times, for Franck Samson who plays the Emperor in most of re enactments since 2005, but for also for island of Saint Helen, and many other customers, so we can supply the most accurate copy of this uniform.
You can choose to buy uniform with or without the usual decorations used by the Emperor.
Sword : it is possible to find original swords at reasonable prices, try to find one, better than a copy, maybe we can find one for you or help you to find one.

Jacket in dark green melton with particular size of collar: 1040 € .
White waistcoat in cotton or wool with covered buttons : 157 €.
White short trousers in cotton: 199 €.
Epaulettes with embroidered horn, gold:400 €.
Bicorn specific to Napoleon, felt : 299 €.
White belt with sword hanger, guard type, closed by an « S »:210 €.
Swordknot for colonel: 90 €
Peace/war collar: 23 €
Officer sword: 299 €
Boots: 189 €

Small gold iron crown with ribbon: 138 €
"Grand cordon" of Legion d'Honneur, WITHOUT jewel: 83 €
Decoration : Grand Croix de la Légion d’Honneur (sewing included): 95 € .
Small legion d'honneur officier: 98 €

Boots made in series are included in the price, not historically perfect...but cheap.
For boots, made at your size, contact a specialist: he lives in France but he is English!

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