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Fusilier line infantry, Russian campaign

  1. 2 873,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


Type of uniform used by fusilier till Russian campaign.

Style is not very different of revolution type, regulation type 1812 is not yet adopted by most of regiments.
As fusilier, our soldier has no sabre. His bayonet is attached on a special strap of ammunition pouch hanger.

Jacket: 990 €
Waistcoat in wool: 231 €
Shako made in France: 340,00 €
Trousers: 185,00 €
Gaiters, short in black wool (by pair):155,00 €
Shoes with buckles: 102,00 €
Ammunition pouch with strapo and special bayonet hanger: 210 €
Coat: 480,00 €
Haversac : 180 €