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General/staff officer or dignitaries: 1 st Empire sword. Blade with or without blue and gold

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We did not invent this sword, see the drawing from catalog of Fournera, 28 rue Neuve Saint Nicolas in Paris during first Empire.
See details: Emperor's head, bees, eagle head, just "N" is lacking, even blade is engraved with an eagle.
We made moulds from existing swords and copied best parts to give birth again to this pefect symbol of first Empire.
Web on entry of scabbard and back of guard, symbol of staff officers...and of course, blue and gold blade, exclusive production of Empirecostume/ Antikcostume.
Length 99 cm, blade: 82.5 cm.

You can now choose blade with or without blue and gold, both have same engravings.

Longueur 99 cm dont lame 82,5 cm.

Le prix indiqué ne comprend pas le présentoir, jamais d'ailleurs, il faut bien maintenir le sabre ou l'épée pour faire les photos avec quelque chose.

Ce présentoir peut être acheté séparément, s'il est en stock.

Now we pay not only in proportion of weight, but also of volume.
So shipping cost is, most of the time, much more higher than 45 € automatically added at the end of your order.
Please ask us, to know the real shipping cost that you have to pay, before you pay.
Orders that will not respect this information can be cancelled.