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Hache d'abordage d'honneur (copy...of course!)

  1. 120,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Extremely rare decoration, last sold in an auction (18/11/2009, Etude De Maigret, Expert B Croissy), was paid tenth thousands Euros
12 haches d'abordage d'honneur are known, 4 are in museums.

French revolution suppressed all decorations, but how distinguish best soldiers?
Napoleon created first "Armes d'honneur" as "sabres d'honneur", "fusils d'honneur" and even "hache d'abordage d'honneur" for special actions.
Then Legion d'Honneur was created and these distinctions stopped to be attributed.
Limited number.

Height 103 mm, axe width 60 mm, sails width 42 mm. VERY NICE DETAILS