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Imperial guard greatcoat, xl size on stock

  1. From 387,00 €

    8 to 12' delivery time


These greatcoats are made out IN OUR ATELIER of a navy blue woollen cloth, complying with the contemporary rules, with the system to tighten it in the back

The price does not includes stripes, shoulders straps, or epaulettes.

The bottom of each greatcoat is cut raw without any hem, so that all the greatcoats can be cut at the same height from the ground. Sold with its regular guard buttons (an eagle with a thunderbolt in the background) or even artillery guard if specified. You can adjust the length of the sleeve thanks to the flap cuffs. The indicated price does not include stripes of grade or seniority. You can buy it with or without buttons of imperial guard. We have some XL sizes on stock, other sizes can be done within one to 2 months. XL size of coat is adapted to be used on a tight jacket. To be clearer if you real size is XL, you can wear your jacket and put the caot on it.