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Jeune garde infanterie sergent, uniforme.

  1. 2 673,50 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Made for an american customer from planches Rousselot and book: "Sous-officiers de Napoléon: La garde Impériale. Tome 1: infanterie..." of Francis Jolivet.

Included in price:
Shako with red and gold cord, gold braid on top, red plume: 960 €
Collar black/white: 23 €
Jacket with braid indicating rank: 930 €
Epaulettes: special production for sergeant, white with gold horizontal torsades: 230 €
Shirt: 30 €
Waistcoat without collar: 157 €
Trousers with long legs: 150 €
Laces to keep trousers high: 14.50 €
Long black gaiters: 179 €

Not included in price:
Haversack in cowskin: 330 €
Ammunition pouch and sabre straps: at the moment around 470 € for both, we expect a production made in series within 2 months, price for both : around 220/250 €
Line infantry sabre (for young guard it seems to be this one that is used): 52 €
Or original pieces with new scabbard around 180 to 250 €.
Swordknot for sergeant of guard: in white leather with gold and red pompon.: 59 €
Bayonet: 70 €
Shoes and buckles for troop: 102 €
Rifle: copy at 120 € or genuine old rifles around 1400 €