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Uniform of officer of" chevau leger lancier" - copie

  1. 1 900,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Many customers asked us to have a quotation of this complete uniform.
So we finally decided to reply, but....
1) We cannot do exactly the same ammunition pouch, because we used original pieces that are now probably impossible to find again(but impossible is not french...said Napoleon)
2)Sash was an old one, 100 yars old....next will be new.
3)Shapska was made as 2 centuries ago with narrow wood pieces inserted inside vertical part bearing the top of the shapska. It is possible to make it cheaper, but also less nice..
4)Trousers must be very tight, it means that if you want the same appearance, you have to visit us for adjustment. But we live in a very nice place!
Delivery: about 5 months, except for ammunition pouch, according to selected type.

Copy of an original piece, exhibited in Warsaw museum.
Colour different of regulation type but this is in fact the one used during Empire. Very particular embroideries.