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Sabre" à la Marengo", sold in 3 days;

  1. 910,00 €


This reproduction is inspired by a rare type of sabre proposed during Empire period, by company: "Au Dieu Mars", Dupont foubisseur, rue Saint Denis in Paris".
Spider web as symbol of staff officers. Eagle, of course, symbol of Empire!
Inverted quillons, one is linked to pommel with eagle by an old chain.
Only chain and, maybe, pommel are old productions, all other parts have been recently made.
Blade in mamelouk style, engraved Klingenthal and numerous egyptian symbols.
Arms trophys and lion heads on brass parts of scabbard.
Rare type for highest rank of officers.
We will do only one sabre like this one.

Weigth: 1710 gr with scabbard, 989 gr without . Total length 104 cm, blade 85 cm