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The kaiser's army in colour, Charles Wooley

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Top right corner a bit bumped. Except this, good condition.
During the period 1890-1910 the German Army of Kaiser Wilhelm II was ablaze in color, particularly the Garde and Cavalry regiments.
In this superb new volume the author brings to the student of uniforms, as well as the art and military historian, the true glory of this brief, but most colorful time.
Carl Becker was a skillful and talented artist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, whose treatment of German uniforms, the military pomp and ceremony, as well as the work-a-day activities of the Kaisers army, are both realistically and artistically among the very best.
The 104 never before published uniform plates are a treasure trove of color, action, and rarity which have only been viewed by a select few before this publication.
The additional illustrations from books and the postcard art reproduced here well display the scope and depth of Beckers work.
Technically correct, and artistically rendered on the subject of Kaiser Wilhelm IIs flamboyant army of 1890-1910, this book will be a welcome addition to the library of the collector, the student of military costume, modelers and the appreciator of well executed military art.