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Tirailleur of Imperial Guard, 1813-1815, Belgium campaign.

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    12 to 16' delivery time

We made uniforms for a soldiers school in Mont Saint Jean, on Waterloo battlefield.
Volunteers will be dressed with our copies of Napoleonic uniforms, fully equiped with haversacks and rifles.
They will visit battlefield, accompanied by an historian, re enactor himself.

We selected an Imperial Guard uniform, to have nice buttons with eagles....
Jacket follows regulation type 1812, but old guard kept shape and cut of uniforms before revolution.
There are 2 types of pockets on back.
There were so many different units in Imperial Guard, that many strange things appeared to distinguish them.

Price for troop:
Trousers is a very simple type, used for travelling, with short gaiters
Shako is very simple, no cord, no braid
Price of jacket without epaulettes, no braid for rank, but with buttons , shoulder straps and turnback ornaments : 900 €.
Epaulettes made in series : 45 €
Made in our atelier: 250 €
made in series in India (if possible to obtain): 195 €
Made in France: 368 €
Trousers as on picture: 185 €
Black short gaiters (by paire) : 120 €
You need also: shoes, haversack, s baldric, ammunition pouch, rifle(?)....contact us
Price for officer: Price of jacket without epaulettes, no braid for rank, but with buttons, shoulder straps and turnback ornaments : 920 €.
Embroidered epaulettes for captain or lieutenant of guard : 360 €
Shakos made in our atelier....different type are possible, contact us
Culottes: .different type are possible, contact us
You need also: gorget, boots, belt, sabre ...contact us

To try Waterloo immersion:
Arnaud springel
00 32 4 98 27 30 72