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Emperor uniform: colonel de grenadier à pied de la garde

  1. From 2 886,00 €

    8 to 12' delivery time


Better than individual replies, we prefer to indicate you the global price of a an Emperor Uniform.
Boots made in series are included in the price.
You can order it with or without decorations.

Jacket in melton with particular size of collar: 1020 € .
White waistcoat in cotton or wool with covered buttons : 157€.
White trousers in cotton or wool: 199€.
Epaulettes with embroidered grenade, gold: 400 €.
Bicorn hat specific to Napoleon, felt : 299 €.
White belt with sword hanger, guard type, closed by an « S »: 210 €.
Swordknot for colonel: 90 €
Peace/war collar: 23 €
Boots: 179 €
Sword: 299 €

Small iron crown gold colour with ribbon: 138 €
"Grand cordon" of Legion d'Honneur, WITHOUT jewel: 278 €
Decoration : Grand Croix de la Légion d’Honneur (sewing included): 95 € .
Small legion d'Honneur officier: 98 €

For boots, contact a specialist: he lives in France but he is english!