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Voltigeur de la Garde Nationale de la Garde Impériale

  1. 3 211,00 €

    12 to 16' delivery time


There was a "garde nationale" inside Garde Impériale!
Uniform is very unusual, this is a mix of style of line and guard uniforms.
Turnbacks are very short, ornaments are those of voltigeurs, because in february 1813, this regiment become 7th reg of voltigeurs of young guard.
They will mainly serve in Spain.
Coat is same as for line.

Jacket with turnback ornaments and shoulder stripes: 860 €
Waistcost with buttons and without collar: 167 €
Epaulettes made in our atelier: 250 €
White cotton trousers: 149 €
Short white gaiters: 179€
Shoes: 75 €
Shoes buckles troop: 27 €
Green swordknot: 45 €
Sword/baïonet holder: 149 €
Ammunition pouch: 320 €
Coat with shoulder straps: 480 €
Shako, with a different plate, with 2 grenades on sides, regulation type 1812: 510 €
Price does not include sabre and baionet!

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