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Military antiques

Sorry, we don't know regulations of all countries and we cannot inform you if the following antiques are allowed in your country.
Some items are very long and very heavy. If you don't live in france, Belgium or Germany, ask us for shipping price before passing any order.
if your parcel does not arrive or is refused because of your national regulation, we won't accept any claim.

It is a pleasure to wear old sabres or accessories on ancient battlefields.
When we find old sabres and swords, we can sometimes find new made scabbards to avoid destruction of these fragile parts.
You can also buy genuine weapons and military accessories for collection, not only Napoleonic, but also from other periods, because we know that most of you are not only interested by Napoleonic period.

Caution: some items can be especially heavy.
Usual shipping cost cannot be adapted to the shipping of heavy items out of EEC.
We use to notice it when it is the case. Contact us if you are interested by one of these pieces.