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Military antiques, sold

It is always interesting to have an idea of prices of some antiques.
You will see also part of all we sold last years.

  • Sword: "officier des poudres et salpètres", 2nd Empire

    Maybe the nicest sword made for officers during second empire.

    Mother of pearl with chiseled brass sides.
    Eagle on thunders in the centre.
    Pommel with bee.

    Total length 89 cm.
    No scabbard.
    Mother of pearl in very good condition

    Napoléon III.

    290,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Bonaparte 1 er Consul jacket, sold

    This is the only jacket in our exhibition "L'Empire par le costume" that we have not done completely, even if we improved it with embroidered buttons, longer sleeves...Etc.
    We are bored to repeat to all visitors that it is not our we sell it!
    It is not embroidered, but made with golden braid applied on red velvet.
    Chest size: 100 cm. A bit teared on lining.

    780,00 €

    Out of stock

  • 11 foils sold together

    8 in good condition, 2 with broken blades, 1 with repared blade (1940/45).
    Different guards of different periods, some from 19 th century. Sold together

    120,00 €

    Out of stock

  • 3 fencing swords sold together, circa 1900

    To clean, nice blades and one interesting pommel.

    120,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Sabre french infantry officer 1882 type, oxydized scabbard

    Sabre for French infantry officers of first world war.
    Oxidization on scabbard.
    Sold only in EEC, or ask for real shipping price for other countries.

    149,00 €

    Out of stock

  • 1855 regulation type. Infantry officer sabre, april 1881, with swordknot - copie

    Bronze handle with flower ornaments.
    Blade dated 1881,regulation type 1855.
    It kept 2 rings for straps.
    Weight with scabbard: 1352 gr.
    Length 94 cm, blade 77,5 cm.

    As new, perfect condition!

    265,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Chinese guisarme style type 1

    Brought from China a century ago.
    83 cm long. 1576 gr

    175,00 €

    Out of stock

  • 1855 regulation type. Infantry officer sabre, april 1881, with swordknot

    Bronze handle with flower ornaments.
    Blade dated 1881,regulation type 1855.
    It kept 2 rings for straps.
    Weight with scabbard: 1352 gr.
    Length 94 cm, blade 77,5 cm.

    As new, perfect condition!

    320,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Manceaux in Paris. Heavy cavalry, senior officer sabre

    Nice sabre made by Manceaux in Paris, one of the most famous suppliers of the period.

    See very original protection of top of grip and pommel.
    Nice and rare swordknot for senior officer

    830,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Red cartridge pouch, XIX th century except eagle, one brass piece and velvet.

    Made in XIX th century, we renewed it with original braid, a typical Napoleonic brass eagle and a semi circular brass part for end of strap
    Inside is garnished with red velvet (new).
    Additive braid on pouch is a gold metallic braid, made in France 2 centuries ago.
    Looks like a Napoleonic ammunition pouch made 200 years ago


    437,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Troop, An XIII, light cavalry sabre, 1 st Empire, 2 sabres, one genuine+ one copy.

    We sell together one old sabre with a deeply oxydized scabbard, with only one ring, and the new copy we did, together.
    You can put each sabre in the scabbard you want.
    Our new sabre has the same proportions as an old one, this is the proof that our copy is a real success.

    1 090,00 €

    Out of stock

  • 490,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Épée de sous officier, attribut générique, type 29/10/1905

    Bonne épée de sous officier, fourreau faiblement oxydé.
    29th octobre 1905 type. Good condition, cheap price.

    180,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Garde républicaine jacket with epaulettes, aiglets, parade belt

    Excellent condition, for chest size 108 cm.
    Made in 2003

    199,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Gendarmerie pistol. Davide Pedersoli

    The Gendarmerie An IX is a small and enchanting muzzle loading pistol replica, reproducing one of the most known pistol models of the Napoleonic epoch. As it happened for the cavalry pistols, it was manufactured in pairs and was produced until the 1819 exclusively by the Imperial Manufacture in Maubeuge for a total of 32,000 pairs.

    490,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Cavalry pistol, an IX, in his showcase. Davide Pedersoli

    Weight : 2KG980
    CALIBRE : 69


    CANON : 210MM

    MOULE A BALLE : USA306-675

    650,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Mamelouk pistol in his showcase, copy made by Davide Pedersoli

    Excellent condition, functionnal.
    Showcase sold with his key.

    730,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Casket Boutet pistol, new. Davide Pedersoli

    Copy of pistol made by Boutet.
    Weapons made by Boutet were the most gorgeous in all Europe during Napoleonic period.

    Made for shooting with black powder.

    1 100,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Mounted artillry sabre, officer, 1829 type

    1829 type.
    Laurel on pommel and branch.
    Blade (81,2 cm), text hard to see, some hits on edge(it served!).
    Good stamps
    Scabbard with 2 rings .

    460,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Sword with silver guard. Circa 1780

    Silver, repared on guard and quillon.
    Weight: 380 gr, length 103 cm

    375,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Dragoon rifle, Royal manufacture of Mützig 1817

    Weight 4,2 kg . Length 141 cm. Gun 102,5 cm. Many stamps on wood and metal.
    Mre Rle de Mutzig, 1817....See pictures.
    Cannot be sent out of EEC for usual shipping cost.

    1 370,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Rifle 1777 type, modified an IX - Manufacture Royale de Charleville 1816

    Metal in good condition except deeper rust on "embouchoir".
    Sold without rod.
    Many stamps as Manufacture Royale de Charleville

    Canon 1134 mm long stamped 1777 for type and 1816 for manufacturing date.

    Some small holes in wood, but never repaired and with control circle in perfect condition.
    Functional! But need to be tested if you want to use it with black powder.

    1 230,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Fireman helmet 1855 type

    We had it without chinscales, so we add them, but without leather lining.
    Plume and plume holder are new. complete, nice condition

    199,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Rifle 1777 type, modified an IX - Manufacture Royale de Tulle 1816.

    Sold with rod.
    Many stamps on metal parts.

    Canon 1120 mm long stamped 1777 for type and 1816 for manufacturing date.

    Functional! But need to be tested if you want to use it with black powder.
    Less expensive than a functionnal copy!
    Bayonet is slightly crushed on top, you cannot fix it upside down

    1 430,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Heavy cavalry, senior officer sabre, Preval type.

    Vers 1830, le Colonel Préval préconisait l'emploi pour la Cavalerie de ligne et de réserve d'une forte lame à section triangulaire surmontée d'une massive garde enveloppante à huit branches.
    Ce modèle ne fut pas accepté mais fut quand même produit en infimes quantités par des fourbisseurs pour certains officiers.
    Vulgairement, on peut le nommer "modèle 1831".
    S'il ne reste que quelques exemplaires, à compter sur le doigt d'une main, de sabres constitués de la garde et de la lame du Colonel, on retrouve parfois quelques modèles de fantaisie surmontés par des gardes plus communes.
    Le sabre présenté ici a été produit par la Manufacture de Chatellerault en juin 1855.
    En 30 ans de collection, c'est la première fois que je propose un tel sabre, vous avez peu de chances que l'occasion se représente.

    830,00 €

    Out of stock

  • 1822 type. Light cavalry officer sabre, "Coulaux ainé et Cie" à Klingenthal, scabbard with 2 rings

    Light cavalry officer sabre made before 1882. Good global condition.
    Blade 92 cm , total length 108 cm.

    330,00 €

    Out of stock

  • 1822 type. Light cavalry officer sabre, made after 1882. Préval à Paris, Manufacture de solingen.

    Made after 1882 (only one ring for straps on scabbard 1882), blade 86cm de Solingen, length 101 cm.
    Scabbard slightly crushed, little part of wood lacking just under pommel.
    Good condition exceppt these small details

    285,00 €

    Out of stock

  • 1855 type. Infantry officer sabre, Manufacture impériale de chatellerault, mars 1853.

    Bronze handle with flower ornaments.
    Blade dated 1853,recycled on this sabre, never modified in 1882.
    He kept his 2 rings for straps.
    Weight with scabbard: 1352 gr.
    Length 101 cm, blade 86 cm.

    As new, perfect condition!

    370,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Lieutenant colonel, infantry, epaulettes, in original box, 3 rd republic (1870-1940)

    Horizontal part is in silver, torsades in gold, regulation type for "lieutenant colonel".
    A bit oxidized, except this very good condition.
    In original box.

    115,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Light cavalry sabre, first Empire trooper sabre.

    Sabre for trooper, light cavalry, first Empire.
    Very small part of leather lacking at base of grip.
    Main branch slightly bumped.
    Weight: 2514 g.
    Total length: 1025 mm, blade 880 mm.
    Very interesting inscriptions.
    Imp le was erased and replaced by Rle during first restoration, you can see that metal is slightly thinner at this place.
    "Mfture Rle du Klingenthal mai 1813" on blade.
    Many stamps of Krantz, Bick and François Lobstein.

    So this sabre was surely used during first restoration, then "100 jours" and then second restoration!
    It is a part of a very troubled period of French history.
    Weight with scabbard: 2300 gr.
    Total length 1025 mm, blade 885 mm.
    Guard stamped "Versailles".

    1 190,00 €


  • Gala uniforme of commandant, French air force, before 1970

    Chest size: 104 cm
    Waist size: 78 cm, can be easily increased of at least 4 cm.
    Quite new. Perfect condition

    190,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Portrait souvenir du 24 ème régiment de dragon

    Only sold in EEC.

    Attribué au soldat Dairi Pierre, matricule 290, en 1909, 3 ème escadron, 3 ème compagnie du 24 ème dragon.

    49,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Light cavalry sabre, troop, 1822 type, transformed in 1882, blade 1851

    1822 type, with his blade Manufacture de Chatellerault 1851(second Empire)
    Modified in 1882 to adapt it to new regulation (one brace was suppressed)
    Used till WW1

    320,00 €


  • Medal of Saint Helena, original decoration with diploma and frame

    Attributed during second Empire to survivors of the Grande Armée.
    Bronze, 31,3 mm, sold with OLD ribbon, diploma attibuted to soldier Veyzin Jacques belonging to 137 th of line infantry, inscripted to"grande chancellerie de la légion d'honneur" as Nr 304269, signed by Duc de Plaisance, Grand Chancelier de la Légion d'Honneur. .
    In a frame made some decades ago: 355 X 270 mm

    189,00 €


  • Sabre for light cavalry, troop, 1822 type, blade 1816 type, modified in 1882

    1822 type for light cavalry, but blade is a 1816 type," Manufacture Royale du Klingenthal Xbre 1820", 85 cm long
    One brace have been suppressed in 1882 to adapt it to new regulation.

    270,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Officer sword, 1750/1780

    Old guard in bronze.
    New blade, not usable for fencing (67 cm) stitched with acid.
    Total length with (new) scabbard: 92 cm.
    Circa 1750/1780.
    Nice for re enactment.
    Few copies exist, old pieces never have usable scabbards...

    382,00 €


  • Staff officer sword, 1st Empire

    Thunder on pommel is the symbol of staff officers
    Branch with bees indicating empire period.
    Blade with stitchings 745 mm.
    On one side IGB, on the other side some text hidden by guard...... "à Paris".
    Total length 89 cm
    Bronze, ebony...

    440,00 €


  • Court sword for staff officer, 1st Empire

    Nice sword with his chiseled guard showing flowers, bearded faces and ....bees, symbol of empire.
    Nice blue and gold blade signed by S and K of Solingen.
    Leather and lower extremity of scabbard remade. Entry of scabbard slightly folded ...on back
    Good condition of mother of pearl.
    Length 94 cm, blade 82 cm.
    Weight 495 gr

    680,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Second hand epaulettes for colonel, price by pair

    Still used in French army for ceremonies.
    Very good condition.
    Quite good for colonel from second empire period and also for theatre.
    Length 19 cm.
    Minimum width 6 cm
    Maximum width 12,5 cm.
    Bullions length 6 cm.

    110,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Light cavalry sabre for officer,1822 type, scabbard with 2 rings, Louis philippe period

    Good blade "Manufacture Royale de Chatellerault, mars 1843", scabbard with 2 rings.
    It means that it is a good 1822 type, produced during Louis Philippe period(1830/1848) and was not modified later.
    Some wire is lacking on grip, except this, good condition.
    Could need a cleaning.
    Length 107 cm, blade 92 cm.

    350,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Light cavalry officer sabre, circa 1900

    1822 type for officer, made by KRAE?ER, Rue des filles du Calvaire à Paris.
    Nice pommel, scabbard is oxydized, but global good condition.
    Used till WW1
    Length 108 cm, blade 88 cm

    285,00 €


  • French legion étrangère, circa 1950 , price by pair

    Nice old epaulettes for french Légion étrangère, good condition

    18,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Gorget for infantry officer, Second Empire.

    Second Empire gorget with his very typical system of fixation on back. Excellent condition.
    This is not a copy!

    101,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Sword Louis XV period , circa 1750, guard in iron.

    Nice blade, very good condition except some metal thread lacking at junction with grip and pommel.

    Total length 88 cm, blade 70 cm

    Circa 1750

    499,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Épée "officier d'administration", second Empire.

    Length 100 cm, blade 87 cm.
    Wood, bronze, blade"Coulaux et Cie, Klingenthal". No scabbard.

    235,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Light cavalry sabre, first Empire trooper sabre. Second choice

    Sabre for trooper, light cavalry, first Empire.
    Stamps on blade and guard.
    New leather on handle.
    Weight with scabbard: 2177 gr.
    Total length 103 cm, blade 86 cm.

    Scabbard deeply cleaned, one small hole.
    Blade also deeply cleaned, thinner as originally.

    630,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Fusil 1777 modified , Saint Etienne, sold

    Infantry rifle used during Napoleonic period.
    Stamps on metal parts
    M re Imp le de St Etienne
    Very good condition

    Functional! But need to be tested if you want to use it with black powder

    Weight(with strap): 4170 gr, total length 1415 mm, canon 1025 mm.

    Just a little bit more expensive than a functional copy!

    1 210,00 €

    Out of stock

  • GARDE NATIONALE FLAG EAGLE, Second Empire type

    Made during second empire
    «L III» means Louis Napoleon (uncle of Napoleon first).
    Stamped brass, repaired .
    Ht eagle alone: 19 cm. Total height : 27 cm.

    570,00 €


  • Marine officer belt, circa 1900

    No straps.
    Nice goldplating

    59,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Court sword, second half of XVIII th century -without scabbard

    Blackened steel.
    Used in court or as protection in usual life (streets were not very safe)
    250 years old.

    Total length 98 cm.
    325 gr
    Perfect for a civilian.

    250,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Old silverplated buttons, 3 lillies and crown, 25 mm diam

    Only size corresponding to button in the middle of picture is remaining.
    For restoration period

    4,00 €


  • Clock, "restauration"

    Better avoid shipping...

    850,00 €


  • Sword hanger for republican guard....

    Excellent quality of leather and brass, the french touch for military equipment. Dust included in price!
    Price per one

    29,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Heavy cavalry sabre, Germany

    Especially well balanced.
    Nice bronze guard. Probably second half of XIX th century, Germany.
    Length 101 cm, blade 86 cm

    290,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Infantry sword 1831

    Classical type 1831. Good condition, numerous inscriptions on scabbard, blade and guard.
    Used from 1831 till 1870.
    Length 66 cm, blade 48 cm.

    169,00 €


  • Old aiguillettes for staff officer, gold, made during last century.

    French production of last century .
    Gold thread is oxydized, can fit with an old uniform or for collection.

    107,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Sapeur de la garde sabre, second Empire

    Rare sabre made during second Empire as indicated on the blade

    1 370,00 €

    Out of stock

  • English or prussian light cavalry saber, "Blücher saber", genuine one

    English government helped Prussian army, giving same type of sabres as the one they used for light cavalry. This very massive sabre gives an impression of heaviness.
    Length cm including blade cm. Weight : 2 kg.

    710,00 €


  • Sash for général de division

    3rd republic type, but can also be used to put around Napoléon III waist uniform.
    Very good condition.

    400,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Cuirassier sabre, an XIII type

    Bronze guard well stamped.
    Good straight blade 94,5 cm long, peak modified in 1816, stamps of Lobstein (Klingenthal), Bisch and Borson (august 1814)
    1814 can be hardly noticed on side of blade

    Scabbard in global good condition, could be cleaned.
    Entry also stamped Borson.
    Used in french cavalry during empire and till second half of 19 th century.

    Length : 1150 mm, blade 940 mm

    1 030,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Sabre so called "de mineur", revolution

    Short sabre (81 cm, blade 67 cm), weigth 976 g with scabbard
    New scabbard (perfect for re enactment).
    Bronze hilt that could be cleaned, depending of what you want to do with this sabre, use it in re enactment(better clean it) or keep it for collection (colour of scabbard brass extremities will be progressively assorted with hilt....
    Very interesting testimony of this period before Empire

    530,00 €


  • Briquet of infantry, revolution

    Short sabre (83 cm, blade 69 cm), weight 848 gr with scabbard.
    Old scabbard. Bronze hilt.
    Very interesting testimony of this period before Empire

    279,00 €

    Out of stock

  • 1777 type pistol.

    Light cavalry pistol, used from Louis XVI till very beginning of Empire.
    Many stamps, perfect condition.
    Can be used for shooting, but cleaning rode is lost, sold with flint.

    Weight 1317 gr, length 34 cm

    1 275,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Buttons, 2 nd Empire, for high administration

    Made 10 years ago, but mould disappeared. Small stock, only 23 mm size is remaining

    4,00 €


  • Infantry officer sabre, 1821 type

    Global good condition, engraved on first 3rd of blade.
    New scabbard, same as type used during first empire that continued to be used for first production of this sabre

    Very low price for something near 200 years old.
    Total length 85 cm, blade 70 cm.

    237,00 €


  • Trousers: Saint Cyr officer uniform, waist size 76 cm

    Made some decades ago, very good condition.
    Wool 100 %

    39,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Fencing sabre for trainig of military sabre

    Circa 1900 for training of military sabre, from Alsace, so ...german.
    Length 102 cm blade 86 cm. Weight: 635 gr

    125,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Officer "toutes armes" sword, 19 mars 1872 type, 3rd republic. SOLD IN 2 HOURS

    Attributed to all officers if they did not have a specific sword, during 3 rd republic
    Half thunders on pommel.
    Laurel and oak crown on six flags on front
    Thin blade engraved "Coulaux et Cie"".
    Original steel scabbard.
    "Button" on back is functional.
    Nice production of 3rd republic (1870-1940)
    Length 104 cm, blade 84 cm

    215,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Cavalry pistol, an XIII type

    Functional, some wood lacking or cracked(see pictures), canon oxudized. In perfect condition this weapon would cost between 1300 to 1500 €.
    Engraved "Manuf Imp De St Etienne", Canon " B 1813", on other metal parts "G crowned" and "D topped by a star".
    Length 35 cm. PRECEDENT PRICE 810 €

    740,00 €


  • Sword with Henry IV, lilly on pommel.SOLD IN 2 HOURS

    Head of the Henry IV, the good king of France who loved his people.
    Pommel with lilly.
    Both symbols of royalty.
    This swords is a perfect sample of "restauration" period.
    Weight 516 gr, length 94 cm, blade 82 cm .
    No scabbard

    365,00 €


  • Sword. Ingeneer of "Mines"- Circa 1900

    Gold plated brass, middle of XIX th century.
    Mother of pearl handle repared maybe since his creation.
    Total length 93 cm, blade77 cm .
    Original brass and leather scabbard. Precedent price: 670 €
    Nice blade "Coulaux et Cie Klingenthal".

    590,00 €


  • Cutlass sabre 1833 type, SOLD

    Regulation type 1833 cutlass, engraved "Manuf Imple de Chatellerault mai 1865 ".
    Anchor on blade. Original scabbard, extremity of leather in bad condition, extremity of scabbard lost, thread of sewing partly off.
    Total length 810 mm, blade 675 mm.

    600,00 €


  • Infantry officer sabre 1821 type

    Regulation type 1821 infantry sabre.
    Blue and gold blade at 80 %. Gold on handle in excellent condition.
    Total length: 86 cm, blade 72 cm. Weigth 613 gr.
    Began to be used only 6 years after end of 1 st Empire

    210,00 €


  • Sword "uniform type", first Empire, SOLD

    This type of sword appeared before revolution and was still used after Empire.
    We found a nice genuine sword without scabbard, engraved eagle on blade have been erased 2 centuries ago.
    We made a new scabbard to use this sword in re enactment.
    Outside aspect is nice and you will have no anxiety to use an original and fragile scabbard.

    Total length with scabbard: 102 cm. Blade 83 cm

    520,00 €


  • Light cavalry officer or staff officer sabre

    Blade (nicely engraved) and scabbard are 2 centuries old, we renewed original broken hilt.
    Scabbard is black, we did not clean it, some were blackened during Empire period.
    Length 103 cm, blade 87 cm.

    785,00 €


  • Sabre, light cavalry officer 1st Empire

    More than 200 years old, so it can be "tired".
    But good piece for collection.

    790,00 €


  • Officer sword, second empire

    Very nice sample of Napoleonic sword of second Empire.
    For officer or high administration

    370,00 €


  • Sabre modele 1822 curved type

    Well stamped "Manuf d'armes de chat aout 1881, Cav rie L re modèle 1822".
    Good condition. Only scabbard was rusted but has been cleaned.

    279,00 €


  • Officer sword, 1st empire, sold in 24 h

    Nice classical production featuring fight between Horaces and Curiaces.

    790,00 €


  • Sabre modele 1822,

    Cheap but bad condition of scabbard.
    Straight blade is more rare than curved.

    197,00 €


  • Gold and red epaulettes

    Still used by some musicians for traditional uniforms of french army. Fringes colour slightly damaged, good condition for other parts. Price does not include red box.

    99,00 €


  • Sword with eagle 2nd empire

    Napoléon III likes eagle, even more than his uncle and you can find it on most of swords of second Empire. This sword is a good sample.

    278,00 €


  • Pistolet 1822 t bis

    Le pistolet de cavalerie utilisé sous l'Empire suit l'évolution des armes à feu portatives et le système à silex est progressivement remplacé par un système à percussion, d'abord le 1822 T (pour transformé), puis le 1822 T bis. Le pistolet que nous vous proposons est en état de marche, "dans son jus", pas nettoyé et doté de tous ses marquages règlementaires.

    470,00 €


  • Old drum, teared leather on one side, sold with leather baldric

    Leather is teared, sides in brass, circa 1900.
    Diametre 40 cm, heigth 30 cm.

    116,20 €


  • Medaille de saint helene, original decorations, decret du 12 aout 1857, sold

    Attributed during second Empire to survivors of the Grande Armée.
    Bronze, modèle ordonnance 31,3 mm, sold with recent ribbon. Excellent condition

    79,00 €

    No information on delivery time


  • Rapiere "à pitones"

    Un seul exemplaire disponible provenant du stock d'un costumier.
    La lame ne peut donc pas être garantie pour le combat.
    Belle arme patinée, beaux détails de ciselures sur la garde.
    Belle pièce aussi pour la collection, modèle rare en copie.
    Pas de fourreau.
    Longueur 103 cm dont lame 89 cm

    220,00 €

    Out of stock